I miss u

hopzi 76 8th Jun, 2020

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                         I hope you were not angry when you saw these photos. It's to show you the facts about when I think of you or when you talk to me. Don't think my attachment is just sexual. Far from there. But you made me discover so many things that nobody can replace the place you have in my existence. When we made love, I was a little limited. But I see the importance of what you taught me. The different positions. I assure you, you are better there. Just thinking about it, I'm already riding like a horse. Sworn that I still want you. I want to take you in your arms, kiss you, caress you, lick your vagina, suckle your breasts. And especially feel my cock fled to the bottom of yours. Besides, I remember your gender. The smell that ran through my nostrils when I put my lips on your vagina. I also remember the taste of your sex ... sweet!
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